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Here are just a few of the “Thank You” notes we get every week from satisfied customers…

Thatcher Endorsement

This letter is from a police officer:
"As a law enforcement officer in North Carolina, I have responded to and investigated literally hundreds of breaking and enterings and many actual home invasions. In the vast majority of the incidents one of the doors was forced open (and it usually appeared to have taken only one kick based on the shoe mark on the door and/or the victim statements). Based on that experience, I formed the opinion that a successful home defense strategy was to "deter-delay-defend".

When I witnessed both the StrikeMaster, and the French Door Reinforcement Kit in action during a demonstration (and had the chance to repeatedly and unsuccessfully kick a door like the ones at my house) I was excited to find that the products did what the manufacturer said they would do and offered me and my love ones a fighting chance in the event that a criminal attempted to force entry to my house. Now all of my doors are equiped with the StrikeMaster and I sleep well knowing that I am doing all I can do to protect my loved ones."
- Robert E. North Carolina

"Two years ago my co-worker's home was burglarized after his door was kicked-in. That prompted me to install a StrikeMaster on my front door at home. Two weeks ago I got home from work and discovered that someone had attempted to kick my door in! However, their attempt was foiled by the StrikeMaster. I can't tell you how happy I was that I had installed it. The StrikeMaster was bent so I decided to order another plus an additional one for another door. The shipment has arrived in good condition, as expected. I told all of my friends and family about how the StrikeMaster prevented what could have been a really bad day! The police officers that took the report said they had never seen a kick-in attempt that failed. Thank you for offering such a great product!"
- Scott, Phoenix NV

"We found out about your product at a community meeting. I noticed on your website a testimonial from someone in Atlanta that actually lives somewhere close to us because they recommend ACE, Village Hardware, as a point of purchase, a place I know well. We live in the East Atlanta Village area. There was a recent break-in in the Grant Park area, a community right next to ours, that was caught on a home security camera and posted on U-tube. This has gotten some air time on the local news. You can see that the crooks kick-in the door and are out of there in about three minutes. I am an engineer, and as soon as I saw the Strikemaster it was clear that it would make a huge difference in the structural integrity of the door frame. I had sort of been watching the doors for shoe prints, I figured that it would only be a matter of time before the local criminal element would give it a try. Our next-door neighbor had his door kicked in a few months ago. I was really mad when I saw that someone had tried to kick in our door but had such a great feeling to see that they were unsuccessful. They seem to be going after the flat panel TVs. Thanks again for your great product."
- Kind Regards, Mark O. - Atlanta, GA

"About 10:00 AM in the morning, in broad daylight, my front door was kicked open and TVs and VCR's were taken. I now have StrikeMasters on all my doors. I truly believe if I had had StirkeMasters before, it would have stopped or deterred the thieves"
- H.J. Britinger

This letter is from a police officer:
"In my search for possibly looking to spend $1000 or more on a good safe door the StrikeMaster II was the smart alternative. I don't anticipate anyone trying to break into my home through the front door, but if they try I feel confident they'll have a very difficult time succeeding. Included is a photo of me and the StrikeMaster II installed on my front door. Once I found out that the two strike plates simply fit atop one another the installation was simple. Just align the plates with the door lock holes, mark the door frame with a pencil, put the 1st screw in the top hole, the 2nd screw in the bottom hole, then easily screw in the remaining screws to secure, but not too tight. Simple… As a San Antonio police officer, I've seen plenty of doors kicked in. This StrikeMaster II is the $100 alternative to spending thousands of dollars for the same concept of keeping someone from being able to kick in your door. I'm glad I found your web site."
- J. A. Foster

This letter is from a police officer & the Hamilton Township Police Department, NJ:
"I have been a consultant in the area of Crime Prevention for 18 years, and your StrikeMaster II is the first new product designed to provide physical perimeter protection that I would wholly and unconditionally endorse."
- Jesse Thatcher, Senior Crime Prevention Aide

This letter is from a former police officer:
"I am a retired Chief of Police with more than 30 years in law enforcement and security and have investigated 1000's of residential burglaries and domestic assaults that were due to the crashing or kicking in of the doors at the home. .... I am proud to announce that I have seen an amazing new product called the StrikeMaster II. This is inexpensive and stronger than any would-be homicidal maniac, I promise... the security market has finally produced a product that is better than locks and alarms. I highly recommend this product on all your outside doors at your home."
- Donald Purnell CLL, CFE, Director of Security, Sentry Watch, Inc.

"I went to Lowes and purchased a “Door Jamb Armor"? kit for more money than your product and regret it. After installing my wife said it was the “ugliest thing" she’s ever seen with too much labor replacing the trim around the door and paint. I wish I got your product first."
- Greg in GA

"I was staying up until three or four in the morning fearing a break-in. My first night with StrikeMaster I felt safe enough I went to bed by eleven PM. Thank you!"
- C.Tucker

"A well placed kick is backed with hundreds of pounds of pressure. I have been breaking in the martial arts for over 30 years, and I have never seen a security device withstand force like the Strike Master II. You have certainly developed a product that I have no qualms putting my name and my school behind. The Strike Master II is a high quality product that anyone with a home can use!"
- Steve Mathews, Steve Mathew's Chinese Martial Arts Center

"The StrikeMaster only took minutes to install and the cost was minimal. The quality of the workmanship and product have allowed me to rest better knowing that someone would have difficulty breaking in the door...... I would highly recommend the StrikeMaster to anyone wanting to insure the safety of their home or business."
- E. Schultz, D.C.

"When Mr. Anderson approached us with StrikeMaster we were a little hesitant at how this would protect our home from burglars, but when it comes to protecting your family and home you do not think twice. While away for the Christmas holidays someone tried to break in. Thanks to StrikeMaster, they were unsuccessful."
- Mr. Rivera

"There are break-ins in our neighborhood regularly here in Atlanta. Even homes with security alarms and cameras are not immune. Police response time for home break-ins is at lest an hour. We installed Strikemasters on our doors. I came home one day to find scuff marks and dents on the back door. Closer examination of the door frame revealed a slight dent on the Strikemaster where the doorknob thumb-lock had been stressed into the metal of the Strikemaster. End result, the Strikemaster held and the thieves could not get in. You have a great product and I have been reccomending it every time the subject of home break-ins come up."
- Big thanks from Mark and Jenny in Atlanta!

"I just got through installing the first one on our front door, and I'm pleased with the results. It took all of 20 minutes tops. We live somewhat in the country, and aren't real concerned with crime,but you never can tell these days. With the StrikeMaster on our door, I feel the house is more secure, and I'll feel better when my wife is home alone at night or day."
- Andy - North Carolina.

"I really honestly sleep better with peace of mind knowing my home is protected. This proved to be one of my best new home improvement decisions."
- Mary C., Waxhaw, NC

"We will most certainly recommend it to friends and family. Have already talked it up to a realtor.... I have never seen a more simple & common sense solution."
- Jim B.

"I was recently burglarized in Atlanta, Ga where the robbers simply kicked my front door in breaking right through the frame. I found out later from neighbors that this is the way most home break-ins happen. I also heard about a product called the StrikeMaster 2 which prevents this type of break-in from happening by reinforcing your doorframe with 2 layers of very strong stainless steel. I purchased one at the local Ace Hardware (Village Hardware • 1231 Glenwood Ave SE • 404-627-5757) and installed it on my front doorframe. I now have more peace of mind knowing that my house will be impenetrable through the front door (the way most forced entries occur). There is a great video on Youtube demonstrating the effectiveness of this product. I highly recommend the StrikeMaster 2 to protect your house."
- Michael G. - Atlanta, Georgia

"Installation was fast and easy… however I did need to "peek" at your web site for a diagram to make sure I was installing the two pieces correctly I also replaced all of my hinge screws with 3" general construction screws to reinforce the "non-Strikemaster" side of the frame. My doors now feel significantly sturdier. And while I hope I never have to put your product to the test, I do have peace of mind that thanks to your product, there's now one more barrier a criminal needs to overcome to gain access to my home. Many people wait until AFTER being victimized to think about home security. There's a quote that says the difference between experience and wisdom... experience is learning from your mistakes, wisdom is learning from OTHERS' mistakes! It doesn't make sense to "bar the door" after the horse has already escaped! Thank you for a great product!"
- Steven M. - Indian Trail, NC

"I ordered a StrikeMaster II today. We are quite impressed with your product and the raves it's getting around the internet...thank you for creating a meaningful home security product that does more than provide the illusion of security!"
- R. Y. - Las Vegas

"Ironically last June when my wife and I bought our house the Brinks Security rep mentioned the Strikemaster, but she could not remember the exact name, and I never followed up with her. I figured a security system was enough." It wasn't. And amazingly enough, the person who broke in was only 5 ft 6 and got through the door with only ONE kick. Little did I know how poorly deadbolts protect you. Little did I know that before the actual alarm went off (when the warning tone was still beeping) that it would be plenty of time for the robber to steal a 50 inch TV. I look forward to receiving the StrikeMaster to gain greater peace of mind. Thanks!"
- Joe A. March 2008

"Thank you so much for the courteous and professional serviced provided. My father installed both Strikemaster IIs today – front and back door. He is really big on security, as well as for my safety in my home. He was impressed with the product and its concept and feels so much better about my protection in my home. So much so that he will be placing an order from you soon. Also, I told my next door neighbors about you, and they will be placing an order. My neighbor’s sister’s house was just broken into the other day, and they kicked the door in! So, he is going to pass Strikemaster on to her as well! Oh, my best friend is going to purchase two also! Again, thank you Mr. Anderson. I feel much safer now that I have something in place to prevent door kick ins!"
- Erica T - Jan 2008

"My story was that I accidentally locked my house keys inside the car as I was getting my 2 year old son out of his car seat on a cold raining night. My wife was not scheduled to be home for another 2 hours. Frustrated, cold, and desperate, I did not want to break a window and risk cutting myself or my son by entering through that way. Incidentally I kicked the front door two times and to my surprise the wood splintered and gave way just like the images on your site, even with the door locked and deadbolt engaged. Equally surprising was that no one in the neighborhood was alarmed. So after wards as I was searching for a door repair site I came across your product and was persuaded that the StrikeMaster was all I needed. Not only was it easy to install, it fixed the door jam and offers the peace of mind that no intruder would be able to simply kick in the front door."
Thanks Again, - Vidal in Accokeek, MD

"I wanted to send you a note of thanks for creating the StrikeMaster II. It has been one of the best investments that I could buy to protect my home. I was a victim of kick in burglary earlier this year, and found out about the Strikemaster II through an internet search. After the kick in, I had an alarm system and a strike master installed. A few months later, although I had the alarm sign visible, another break in was attempted, this time with a sledgehammer (the door was damaged) but the culprits were unable to gain entry into my home because of the Strikemaster II. As a result, I have recommended the Strikemaster II to all of my neighbors."
- Carmen in Atlanta, GA

"To all the women out there, Buy a StrikeMaster II for all of your exterior doors. I bought 3 to protect my family. Even though I have a husband that could have installed them, I decided to do it myself to see if I could do it. The first one wasn't hard to figure out but it took my about 45 minutes to install. The second two only took 20 minutes each to install each. It is super easy if you have a cordless drill. Watch the installation video on the website and you will see how easy it is. Also, like the website recommends, check to see how long the screws are that connect the hinges to the wall. The builder put 1" screws in our hinges and we have since upgraded to 2.5 inch screws for increased security on the hinge side too. I just wanted all the women out there (to know) that you can install this product yourself. If you are living alone or without any men in the house it is even more important that you buy this product. I feel much safer having my doors reinforced. I am planning to buy the StrikeMaster II for both my sister-in-law and sister soon so they can have this added security too."
- Sarah B. in Athens, GA

"As Production Manager of the Discovery Channel series "It Takes a Thief" I've seen a lot of home security products and I must tell you that your StrikeMaster II is one of the most exciting we've had the privilege of featuring on our program. Our Thief puts every piece of security equipment we install to the ultimate test ... and I must say that he certainly is not going through any door secured by the StrikeMaster II!"
- Jesse Sheppard, Production Manager "It Takes a Thief"

"I have installed the (2) StrikeMaster II's on my front and back doors. As you know, I've had my house broken into two times. The first time the crooks broke in my front door and within a 2 or 3 minutes had stolen over $4000.00 worth of my personal items. The next time they broke in my back door and took and additional $2000.00 worth of items, and this time they were not in the house more than two minutes. Both times my alarm went off and the police arrived. But in that short period of time that were able to take that much. Now I have the strikemasters installed, and just as the reporting police officer said… “The key to preventing the break-ins… to prevent the crooks from breaking in….! " If I had known about your product earlier I know I would have not been a victim. As your ad states, installing the StrikeMaster II is simple and should take less than 30 minutes. I was able to install both in less than an hour.
- L. Carter, Atlanta, Ga.

"Thank you for sending me the StrikeMaster II for inclusion in my recent TV makeover shoot. My general contractor installed it easily and very quickly - so quickly that our cameras could have easily missed the action! – and our homeowners feel much safer knowing their basement entry is so sturdily reinforced."
- Sarah K. Tautin, Associate Producer, It Takes a Thief

"Thank you for your call this morning. We did indeed receive your product as expected and installed both that evening. It went on very easily even after piecing the jamb back together on our son’s door. We are satisfied that we have done what we can in that situation (short of installing a brand new door on a landlord’s property) and pray that we can avoid another break-in. We certainly appreciate your advice and speedy mailing of the Strikemaster II to us. I am forwarding your site address to a number of business folks who rent to students with the hope that they will take steps to protect their young renters."
-Linda Dobbs

"My husband and I had the StrikeMaster II installed the last week of December. I thought at the time that it was a good product. Just a little extra protection for your home is always a good investment. On February 5 - just 5 weeks later- I was at home with my 19-month-old daughter at 9:15 a.m., when someone attempted to kick my door in. After I established that the coast was clear, I discovered that the attempt was not successful due to the protective reinforcement that the StrikeMaster II gives. I instantly became more than just a mild believer in this product. I feel that it kept me from having a bad experience of defending my daughter, myself and my home. I strongly urge anyone looking for home protection to get the StrikeMaster II installed."
- J. Villa, Fayetteville, NC

"Ed - you are truly a one-in-a-million. Thank you for making me have faith in someone again!! Everywhere you turn, service is lousy - and to meet someone like you is truly a blessing. You will never know how much I appreciate you helping me!!"
- Thank you!!! - Annel

"On the 16th of May, 2005, our home in Chicago was broken into by thieves who shouldered/kicked their way in, through 3 separate doors, one entry and two apartments. A considerable amount of valuables and memorabilia were stolen, including identity theft. Upon observing the 'ease' of entry by these thieves, we set about investigating door protection measures on the internet. After observing a very graphic video on the 'Safe Home International' site, we ordered the StrikeMaster II for overnight delivery, with the caveat that we would do a 'real-life' test after installation. My installer naturally had his doubts, as I asked him to kick and shoulder the door, after the product was installed. He asked me who would pay for the door frame repair 'in case it didn't work as advertised,' I said I would be responsible, since the safety of our family and property was of utmost concern. I weigh in at 240 lbs and I 'shouldered/kicked' the door three times, without it's failing. My installer, who closely approximates the LARGE individual in the graphic video, had at the door next. He shouldered it twice and kicked it last, his size 11 shoe imprint is still on the back door, although the wall seemed to 'bow in,' the door did not budge. My installer came away convinced, and I came away satisfied, that I made my Family and my Home that much more secure. The cost/benefit ratio as well is definitely in favor of the StrikeMaster II in comparison with other devices currently on the market. To say that we are more than pleased with the results we obtained from the product, as well as it's support, would be an accurate assessment."
- APA Chicago

"This letter is from a former police officer: I installed the Strike Master II. It only took about 35 to 40 minutes. I have jamb extensions on my front door (don't ask) so that took just a bit more time. Overall I found the installation to be simple and the instructions to be easy and complete. The door shuts and locks easily. The precut areas for the deadbolt and doorknob were exact. The StrikeMaster II blends into the white door jam and is not readily noticed. I do like the product, almost too simple."
- Scott Shaper - former Police Officer and Author

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