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We Stand Behind Everything We Sell!

We GUARANTEE your door-frame will not break!

Not one StrikeMaster II PRO has failed yet. If a homeowner experiences "door frame failure" following the proper installation of the StrikeMaster II PRO, using the the hardware provided and PROPERLY ANCHORED into the 2x4 HOLDING THE DOOR unit, Safe Homes International Inc. will issue a refund for the full purchase price of the StrikeMaster II Pro.

We ask that you provide a BREAK-IN report from your local Police Department and photos of the BREAK-IN. The photos MUST be taken before any repair of frame has taken place.

StrikeMaster II PRO offers a cost effective product to individual consumers seeking A SAFER HOME. StrikeMaster II PRO anti-burglary door-frame-strike-plates have been sold to thousands of homeowners all across the country.

Return Policy: You may return all unused items purchased at Safe Homes International, Inc within 30 days of the original delivery. We will refund full amount of purchased products, but NOT SHIPPING/HANDLING COST. We will pay the return shipping costs if the product is defective or the return is a result of our error. In the event of failed delivery for a certain time and date, we will refund the delivery companies cost of shipping , but NOT THE HANDLING COST. If the item is returned for any other reason you are responsible for the return shipping costs and will be charged a restocking fee of 25 percent for items returned after the 30 day delivery date. We will cut you a check within 2 to 4 weeks of receiving the returned item. To get and ship authorized returns please call the corporate office for the shipping address at 757-312-8901. For questions regarding our return policy please contact us at or 757-312-8901.

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StrikeMaster II Pro - 10 Pack Bundle
for large homes, neighborhoods and HOA's.
by ordering 10 complete units at a time on a single order.

Pack Includes:

  • 10 StrikeMaster II Pro complete units
  • 10 Sets - Security Screw installation packs
  • 10 Door Edge Pros
  • 10 Security Stickers
  • 1 Installation Instruction Manual


This is the most cost effective method of ordering multiple StrikeMaster II Pros in groups of (10) up to a total of 100 units. If you are ordering for a large complex where more than 100 units are required, contact us directly for Special Pricing and additional discounts!

NOTE: If you are wanting multiple 10-Packs to ship to separate locations (10 units per location), make sure to place separate orders rather than add multiple 10-Packs on the same order.

Safe Homes International
for complexes with OVER 100 DOORS to protect.
Experience MAXIMUM SAVINGS by contacting us directly
for a CUSTOM QUOTE on quantities over 100 Units.

If you need to order StrikeMaster quantities between 10 and 100, then our 10-Pack pricing (listed on this website's ORDER PAGE) represents out best value by allowing you to order in multiples of (10) StrikeMaster II Pros per shipment.