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The Safe Homes Photo Gallery

Safe Homes International Awarded Product Patents for Exclusive DESIGN and INNOVATION.
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_25
    Safe Homes International Awarded Product Patents for Exclusive DESIGN and INNOVATION.
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_01
    The StrikeMaster II Pro - Full Length Photo with Hardware
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_02
    The Strikemaster II Pro - Detail Photo Showing Adustment Instructions
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_03
    The Strikemaster II Pro - Installed
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_04
    The Strikemaster II Pro - Showing Relative Height to Standard Door
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_05
    The Strikemaster II Pro - Exploded Installation View
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_06
    The Strikemaster II Pro - Used To Repair a Standard Door Suffering a Previous Break-in
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_07
    The Strikemaster II Pro - Basic Unit Installation Exploded Detail
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_08
    Specially Designed Strikemaster II Pro attachment screws compared to the inferior attachment methods supplied by many competitors.
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_09
    Door Edge Pro Installation Diagram
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_10
    Strikemaster II Pro - French Door Reinforcement Kit Exploded Installation View Including Door Edge Pro Hardware
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_11
    Strikemaster II Pro - French Door Reinforcement Kit
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_12
    Strikemaster II Pro - French Door Reinforcement Kit in Shipping Box
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_13
    The Result of a Kick-In WITHOUT Strikemaster II Pro and Door Edge Pro Installed
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_14
    Comparison of Enhanced Security Hinge Screws Provided as Part of the Strikemaster II Pro Packages vs Standard Residential Door Hinge Screws
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_15
    Door Edge Pro illustrating how customers can custon paint the units to match the color of their doors - even if each side of the dor is a different color.
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_16
    The Patent Pending Door Edge Pro is about the same thickness as a dime - barely noticible when installed.
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_17
    Door Edge Pro - Example showing unit painted to match door color/texture
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_18
    Door Edge Pro - Example showing unit painted to match door color/texture
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_19
    Tom Lynch with Society of Professional Locksmiths in Sparkill, New York.
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_20
    StrikeMaster II Pro's on display at Society of Professional Locksmiths
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_21
    United States of America Patent awarded to the StrikeMaster II Pro.
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_22
    Photo of a standard 1" Hole Saw which can be obtained at most local Hardware Stores.
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhotos_23
    Door Edge Pro Painted to Match Door
  • SafeHomesGalleryPhoto_24
    3-Point Locking Door
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StrikeMaster II Pro - 10 Pack Bundle
for large homes, neighborhoods and HOA's.
by ordering 10 complete units at a time on a single order.

Pack Includes:

  • 10 StrikeMaster II Pro complete units
  • 10 Sets - Security Screw installation packs
  • 10 Door Edge Pros
  • 10 Security Stickers
  • 1 Installation Instruction Manual


This is the most cost effective method of ordering multiple StrikeMaster II Pros in groups of (10) up to a total of 100 units. If you are ordering for a large complex where more than 100 units are required, contact us directly for Special Pricing and additional discounts!

NOTE: If you are wanting multiple 10-Packs to ship to separate locations (10 units per location), make sure to place separate orders rather than add multiple 10-Packs on the same order.

Safe Homes International
for complexes with OVER 100 DOORS to protect.
Experience MAXIMUM SAVINGS by contacting us directly
for a CUSTOM QUOTE on quantities over 100 Units.

If you need to order StrikeMaster quantities between 10 and 100, then our 10-Pack pricing (listed on this website's ORDER PAGE) represents out best value by allowing you to order in multiples of (10) StrikeMaster II Pros per shipment.